Warehousing services

The shipping of goods requires the correct retention of cargo before the dispatching process takes place. Our company provides warehousing services that meet international standards. We aim to satisfy our customers’ needs when it comes to goods storage. If you cooperate with China-based enterprises, freight consolidation and cargo placement in the warehouses is a must for your business. You can count on our professional approach to storing and production items combining issues.

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Our services

We provide a range of logistics services that are helpful for importers and exporters. Warehousing services in China is one of our main spheres of shipping activities. Our clients get efficient transportation solutions that reduce their time and financial spends. We guarantee the high-grade storage quality and well-prepared documentation for all necessary processes performance. The list of available services includes the following options to take into account:

  • Cargo storage

    all goods are placed into our China-based warehouses and then are dispatched to the final destination

  • Examination of shipments

    our specialists check cargo, group and pack it if necessary. The aspect of freight completeness is also taken into consideration before loading operations take place.

  • Freight consolidation

    we are ready to form one shipping order through goods consolidation. You can get consolidated freight from numerous Chinese suppliers at once.

  • Execution of needful documents

    our company is responsible for the preparation of documents for the shipping of goods from China to any American pick-up location.

  • Cargo escorting

    freight is followed by our qualitative logistics specialists and freight forwarders from the warehouse and to the clients’ destination. It helps to prevent damages, losses, and other unpleasant situations.

Our warehousing services are well-thought. Storage of goods in our China-based protected warehouse areas brings a lot of advantages to your business. It is a great way to improve your supply chain and logistics algorithms much.

Advantages of warehousing services

It is worth noting all positive sides that bring professional warehousing services to your business. First, entrepreneurs get the proper transportation management that solves different inventory problems and prevents risky challenges. Additionally, warehousing services deliver the following benefits:

  1. The high delivery performance – damage-free freight experience brings high-level customer satisfaction.
  2. Professional approach to storage – business representatives have an opportunity to use qualitative warehousing services for hassle-free international logistics activities.
  3. Cost-effective consolidation processes – exporters can get multiple orders in one gauge that reduces spends.
  4. Well-prepared documentation – there is no need to worry about problems with documents when all needful licenses, contracts, and references are ready in time.
  5. The promoted process of freight delivery from China – goods are stored in warehouses, carefully packed and loaded on schedule. Professional warehousing services prevent time lags and speed up logistics processes much.

Our company provides a full package of services for proper cargo storage, consolidation of goods, and other warehousing options to opt for. We demonstrate an absolutely individual approach to each client. Besides the main services, we have supplementary ones that increase customer satisfaction (qualitative packaging materials, consulting, loading-unloading operations, etc.).

Why particular us?

  • Our company focuses on clients’ satisfaction. That is why our dedicated team consists of professional logistics specialists, freight forwarders, lawyers, etc. We aim to satisfy all your needs and expectations. Our warehousing services meet international standards and consumers’ requirements. We sign an agreement with our clients to show that cooperation with our logistics company is safe and legitimate. Additionally, we prepare a needful suite of documents that is necessary for goods delivery from China to the USA.
  • Also, we think about the cost-effectiveness of your international trading and external economic activities. Storage and consolidation of goods reduce your time spends and money costs. Our company organizes the delivery of cargo supplied by multiple Chinese partners in the form of one gauge. This solution is suitable both for corporate bulk orders and retail purchasing.
  • We make your inventory condition better and storage capabilities – visible. The transparent cooperation benefits your trading business projects. We aim to provide you exceptional shipping and warehousing services to speed up any international freight processing. Contact us to know more information on our integrated services.