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Our company provides freight customs clearance to make your shipping experience largely pleasant. If you pick sides with a goods supplier in China and are ready to order air or ocean cargo, pay your attention to customs formalities that are a must for any international logistics operation. Having ordered our transportation services, you can count on qualitative customs clearance services.

We guarantee that your cargo will proceed across borders without any problems. Our specialists run the procedure of document preparation according to international customs regulations. It is worth noting that mistakes made at any stage of customs clearance will lead to penalties. Clients become at risk of losing their goods. Detention of cargo is also probable if export or import documents are out of order.

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Our clients can order both the full package of logistics services and the unbundled option of custom brokerage. We make a specialty out of air and ocean freight organization that includes a full package of documents for outbound customs clearance and customs clearing upon arrival of cargo to the terminal. Additionally, we provide cargo insurance that protects your goods from damage and eventual force-majors.


Our custom broker services have a well-thought algorithm of result-oriented actions. Both our logistics system and freight customs clearance are well-run that reduce clients’ time and money spending. We sign an assignment with our clients to specify the main requirements and terms that have to be met.

Principles of cargo customs processing

Our expert guidance is held on each necessary item for customs clearance. The procedure of preparation starts with the costs of cargo customs proceeding. All charges will be specified before the agreement signing. Our task is to provide clients with qualitative assistance they deserve for sure. Then, the following steps are pursued:

  1. Documentation preparation that includes all needful data, certificates and licenses gathering.
  2. Risk assessment and cargo codification.
  3. The attraction of contra parties if necessary.
  4. The contract preparation and ready-made agreement assignment.
  5. Clarification of import and export entry fees. Client’s payment of all needful charges.
  6. Registration of goods at customs - preparation and submission of customs declaration.
  7. The temporary storage of goods at the border terminal.
  8. Cargo escorting during the inspection of goods.

Each customer shall provide a detailed description of the consignment, the volume and weight of the goods, the country of origin and destination, and the invoice value. Based on this information, we make a commercial offer and calculate the cost of our customs broker services. When all details are agreed upon, we sign an agreement with the client and provide qualitative all-the-way assistance.

Note that the precise valuation of customs broker services depends on many aspects to take into consideration. For example, the weight of cargo, cost of goods, freight type and time limits affect the final price.

Our expedition services include confirmation of customs value and protection of the client's rights. Our specialists obtain expert knowledge and experience in international economic activities and customs regulations. They can throw into the scale and prevent unlawful activities with escorting freight.

Binding customs documents

Our clients have almost limitless shipping opportunities because it is possible to transport a lot of goods with our logistics services. You can order both package freight and oversized cargo. We have helped thousands of consumers with shipping from China. Here is a list of the most demandable goods that are regularly transported by our company:

  • Consumer agreement;
  • Certificates;
  • Packing list;
  • Export declaration;
  • Air or ocean freight bill;
  • Price list.

Needful certificates are specified according to the cargo type and the mode of its transportation. The list of obligatory documents for freight customs clearance is provided during the first consultation meeting. Contact us in any comfortable way, and we will tell you where to start from.

Why particular us?

If you are searching for qualitative customs clearance services, we will be glad to become your problem-solver. Our company is responsible for international logistics solutions and cargo escorting that meets clients’ requirements. While cooperating with us, you minimize your risks to face delays and extra expenses.


Our staff knows everything about actual regulations, rules, customs fees. We are logistics-matter experts that are enlightened on the subject of global transportation network and freight customs clearance document flow. Benefit from our fast and qualitative customs procedures, air- or ocean-going cargo delivery without risks.

You can count on our standing guidance at each stage of customs brokerage provision. Let us save you with trouble – stress-free international shipping is practicable with our company.