Shipping from China


Our company provides a wide range of logistics solutions both for corporate clients and individuals. Shipping goods from China is one of our core competencies. We make a specialty out of Asian markets and offer the most suitable transportation services and consulting related to external economic activities. Our clients can count on our entire liability and in-time performance of logistics activities.

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Why shipping from China is a good idea?

Asian markets attract customers with goods at affordable prices. It is possible to make a profitable bulk order or choose budget-friendly retail trade opportunities. We are ready to become your reliable assistance on logistics issues. We have comprehensive facilities to satisfy your needs right on time

List of available goods for shipping from China

Our clients have almost limitless shipping opportunities because it is possible to transport a lot of goods with our logistics services. You can order both package freight and oversized cargo. We have helped thousands of consumers with shipping from China. Here is a list of the most demandable goods that are regularly transported by our company:

  • clothes, footwear, and accessories;
  • transportation units;
  • household appliances, electronics;
  • perfumes, cosmetics, and other beauty products;
  • gadgets;
  • other domestic goods;
  • furniture;
  • car parts;
  • toys;
  • industrial equipment.

Specify what kind of goods you need to deliver from China, and we will provide you different variants of transportation to choose from. Note that some goods are among forbidden ones. We cannot help you with the shipping of explosives, batteries, medicines, flammable substances, etc. We value transportation safety and have a list of dangerous goods not to be shipped. We hope for your understanding! Nevertheless, always ask our managers about shipping mission possibilities.

How do we deliver goods from China?

We aim to meet consumers’ requirements. Our logistics services are custom-tailored and conform to all specified parameters, pricing demands, and deadlines. We provide various types of carriage. Our company guarantees high-level cargo forwarding. Goods from China are shipped in three possible ways:

  1. Air Freight – cargo is loaded safely by our staff and transported on board the airplane directly to the drop-off location.

  2. Ocean Freight – direct delivery takes place through cargo ships. Different types of containers are possible (it depends on the cargo size, weight, and other parameters).

  3. Multimodal Freight – the combinative transportation with a risk-free cargo transship procedure.

Shipping features to take into account

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    It is worth mentioning that we are responsible for the transported cargo. Quality control services are a must before goods are loaded. Our specialists check the integrity of parcels, boxes, containers. Everything is well-prepared both for high-grade air and ocean freight.

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    The most large-scale items are delivered by the ocean in special containers. Besides, the FCL services for heavy-weight freight, we provide LCL delivery within the framework of small-space cargo. Speaking about a multimodal type of cargo transportation, note that several kinds of freight are used. It means we will forward goods from the starting destination to the transship one and control the procedure of second-time loading.

Why particular us?

Shipping from China is an area of activity we qualify for. Our specialists are ready to provide you with consulting beforehand. Additionally, we offer several possible variants of transportation. You can choose the most optimal and most budget-friendly type of delivery. Besides air and ocean freight, multimodal shipping is available.

Our company offers an almost limitless list of available goods for shipping from China. The international logistics services we provide consumers are absolutely risk-free for consumers. Our company signs an agreement to guarantee safe cooperation and qualitative logistics services. You can take a look at the possible algorithm of our potential cooperation:

  1. A customer appeals to our company.
  2. Consulting services are provided.
  3. A meeting scheduling takes place.
  4. The client shares information on the type of goods to transport, size and weight of cargo, other necessary details.
  5. All possible variants are discussed. The most appropriate type of transportation is chosen.
  6. The agreement assignment takes place.
  7. Freight is delivered to the specified destination in time.

We will be ready to show you our professional approach when it comes to international logistics services. Our company cooperates with flagship corporate clients, individuals and private industry groups worldwide. It is possible to select the most suitable logistics solutions for your supply chain.