Quality Control Services

High-grade product provision is the best way to satisfy customers. Business representatives consider the quality of goods as the central aspect of the fast development of their enterprises. However, suppliers can provide importers with low-quality items that are harmful to the reputation of the company. To avoid any risks in trading relationships, it is necessary to pay attention to quality control.

Our company makes a specialty out of services for the quality of supplied goods monitoring. We aim to make your business free from defective goods that bring back-log of customers' needs and expectations. You can build strong trading relationships with China-based suppliers with the help of our quality control services.

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Advantages of quality control

Clients should define goals of inspection to be held. This way, reliable supplier relationships are guaranteed. Having counted on our services, you can improve your supply chain and have risk-free, reliable relationships with suppliers from China. Make a great contribution to your retail project or another area of business activity with the help of manufacturer inspection. Here is a list of benefits of monitoring visit of our specialists to the potential manufacturing for cooperation:

  • Increased sales – if supplied goods are defect-free, they are extremely sellable.
  • Increased demand – the high-grade production can maintain existing order on your selection of goods and ramp up total sales volume.
  • Increased goodwill – if you control the quality of goods you sell, the reputed concern is formed. It is the way to explore and find new niches on the market.
  • Reduced production costs – inspections bring high-level control over all production aspects. That is why undertaking quality control checks reduce any wastage.
  • Improved relations with suppliers – quality control services make partnership transparent and risk-free.
  • Successful advertisement – high-quality products are sold well. You will spend less on promotion because top-grade items always win public confidence.
  • Fixed price – quality control inspection provides entrepreneurs with in-depth insights about all production processes. Having been rolled over on peculiarities of manufacture, you can avoid the problem of price fixation.

Chinese suppliers offer affordable prices and a wide variety of goods. Your task is to be up to speed on the quality of the supplied items. Our quality control services include various check-up procedures that will help you to secure your supply chain. Do not neglect your brand reputation. Product inspections are considered as an optimal way to avoid disruptions and suppliers' dishonesty.

Our services

We provide a wide range of services related to product inspection in China. We detect manufacturing objects with poor quality of goods and report all noticed wrongs in reports. Quality control measures prevent problems with production items timely. Our company guarantees that the final report will be delivered to the client immediately after the checking procedure takes place. Your time is of high value for us.

If you are going to establish trading relationships with China-based manufacturers, we recommend inspecting the object first. You can select both a comprehensive quality check or choose a one-directional service:

  1. Initial Production Check – we offer IPC services for incoming goods inspection.
  2. Production Monitoring – the comprehensive inspection of production items. Our experts observe all stages of the manufacturing process for high-grade PM services performance.
  3. During Production Inspection – total quality control of production processes. The DPI services are on high demand among importers.
  4. Container Loading Check – inspection of loading-unloading activities. The CLC services are suitable to check the level of goods preparation for shipping from China.
  5. Pre-Shipment Inspection – check of cargo integrity, packaging, and other aspects. Importers order the PSI services to get damage-free cargo only.

Any QC (quality control) is an efficient method to see how your supplier meets product standards and deadlines. You can reduce the risks of shipping delays and unexpected repair costs.

Why particular us?

We are ready to perform any product inspections. It is the optimal way to check your China-based suppliers. QC (quality control) inspections aim to check manufacturing processes and catch defects in time. Additionally, we provide qualitative supplier audit procedures to detect any infringements in advance. Our quality control measures are oriented on the comprehensive check-up of production units that are supplied to your customers.

We recommend asking for QC inspection before the first bulk order takes place. Our experts will analyze a production range and detect potential problems. We form a detailed report on noticed positive and negative aspects. Each necessary point will be taken into account. For example, poorly printed logos on the package can be extremely harmful to your promotional campaigns. We guarantee that quality control inspections will contribute to your customers' experience, business development, and loyalty to the brand.

Stop at nothing when it comes to customers' buying experience. We have incentives to do our best to protect your business from losses and extra expenses caused by low-quality products that cannot be sold to your clients. Remember that cooperation with suppliers that have an unconscientious attitude to their responsibilities harms your image and consumer confidence.